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MOHA Chat 0.1rc1 was released on

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MOHA Chat 0.1b10 was released on with PostgreSQL support.

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Weather - Release Notes

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Version 0.1.1 - 2008/09/01

List of Fixed Bugs

  • 2085506 - Installer Database configuration fails

Version - 2007/02/21

There were couple of complains that the weather plug-in doesn't function. The cause was CURL PHP extension. HTTP_Request PEAR package was a good replacement which will function in any PHP installation with access to outside world. So now dependancy on CURL for the PHP proxy is no more.

List of new features

  • Uses HTTP_Request PEAR package instead of CURL for the plug-in php proxy

Version - 2007/02/12

List of fixed bugs

  • 1652688 - Wellington, New Zealand invalid
  • 1653511 - Retrieving Weather information always fail
  • 1653499 - All Cities of United States of America are invalid
  • 1652672 - Noman's land causes a SimpleXML error

List of new features

  • Loading indicator for the weather plug-in[Don't get bored :)] (Only with MOHA Chat 0.1b8)

Version 0.1 - 2007/02/06

Initial public release. Smart and robust weather result retrieval framework. Uses Yahoo! Weather feeds to get weather infomation and Yahoo! Search API to learn about new locations.

List of features

  • Type in the location to receive weather updates
  • Capable of displaying temperature and visibility in metric and british units
  • If the system is unaware of a location it will search in yahoo search and try to find whether weather updates are available for the location
  • Day time/night time with background and different icons

Last modified on Tuesday, 6th September 2022

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