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MOHA Chat 0.1rc1 was released on

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MOHA Chat 0.1b10 was released on with PostgreSQL support.

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MOHA Chat - Smilies plug in adds the ability to use smilies in your chat messages.

How to use

Just type in the smilie code in you chat message and it will be converted to a smilie if you have Smilies plug in installed. If you don't know the smilie code click on the similie icon on the chat console to select from all the smilies available.

Smilie Codes

Code Smilie Description
(%) Ying Yang Ying Yang
3:-o Cow Cow
~o) Coffee Coffee
o:-) Angel Angel
B-) Cool Cool
~:> Chicken Chicken
=:) Bug Bug
>:) Devil Devil
:o) Clown Clown
:-B Nerd Nerd
I-) Sleepy Sleepy
8-| Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes
L-) Loser Loser
:-& Sick Sick
:-$ Don't Tell Don't Tell
[-( Hmmmph Hmmmph
=; Talk to the Hand Talk to the Hand
:-/ Confused Confused
:x Love Love
=(( Broken Heart Broken Heart
:"> Blushing Blushing
>:P Phbbbt! Phbbbt!
:P Tongue Tongue
<:-P Party Party
:-o Surprise Surprise
(:| Yawn Yawn
x( Angry Angry
=P~ Drooling Drooling
:> Smug Smug
:-? Thinking Thinking
#-o D'oh! D'oh!
=D> Applause Applause
#:-S Whew! Whew!
:-SS Nail Biting Nail Biting
:-S Worried Worried
@-) Hypnotized Hypnotized
:(( Crying Crying
:^o Liar Liar
:)) Laughing Laughing
:-w Waiting Waiting
:| Straight Face Straight Face
:-< Sigh Sigh
/:) Raised Eyebrow Raised Eyebrow
<):) Cowboy Cowboy
:-" Whistling Whistling
b-( Beat Up Beat Up
:)>- Peace Peace
[-x Shame on You Shame on You
>:/ Bring It On Bring It On
;)) Hee Hee Hee Hee
:-@ Talking the Ear Off Talking the Ear Off
^:)^ I'm Not Worthy I'm Not Worthy
:-j Just Kidding Just Kidding
:-l Frustrated Frustrated
[-o< Praying Praying
$-) Money Eyes Money Eyes
o-> Hiro Hiro
o=> Billy Billy
:@) Pig Pig
:(|) Monkey Monkey
(~~) Pumpkin Pumpkin
@};- Rose Rose
%%- Good Luck Good Luck
8-x Skull Skull
>-) Alien Alien
:) Smile Smile
:( Sad Sad
>:D< Hugs Hugs
:D Big Grin Big Grin
;;) Batting Eyelashes Batting Eyelashes
;) Wink Wink

Last modified on Tuesday, 6th September 2022

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