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MOHA Chat 0.1rc1 was released on

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MOHA Chat 0.1b10 was released on with PostgreSQL support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any question about MOHA Chat send them to [email protected]. I will answer them and put those questions here with the answer if I believe it is worth to go into the FAQ.

Together we can make the FAQ grow, it will have answers to most of your questions.

Why is MOHA Chat different from PHPOpenChat?

MOHA Chat at the moment provides one to one chat unlike PHPOpenChat, which provides one chat room for all users.

What DBMS/database servers are supported by MOHA Chat?

Curently MOHA Chat support MySQL and PostgreSQL. You are free to create database abstraction layers for other DBMS as well. So MOHA Chat has the capacity to support any DBMS supported by PHP.

Who uses MOHA Chat?

Currently OrangeHRM Inc. provides online support using an altered version of MOHA Chat.

( OrangeHRM Inc. has
  • introduced distinguishing of users as support personnel or otherwise,
  • removed user status from the web client for non-support personnel users,
  • introduced a message to be displayed for non-support personnel users asking them to wait until they serviced,
  • introduced OrangeHRM branding

Last modified on Tuesday, 6th September 2022

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